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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  July 12, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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hi everybody, i'm beth troutman and we have great videos "right this minute ". it looks like an atomic bomb over ohio, here what ignited the hush room cloud that had people running for cover. a update on that kidnapped baby bear as rescuers try to reintroduce her to her mother. >> wait until you see the weird fish -- >> that one girl reeled in. >> what? that's not a fish. find out what it is. >> the groom asks a wedding peach, and he asked his special guest for help. and what happens when a hairy guy asks random strangers to run sunscreen on his back.
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>> it's just natural. >> gayle is getting us started today. >> a train derailed in the morning, and there was dramatic footage as the train caught fire. >> that looks like an atomic bomb going off. >> it does. this train was carrying ethanol on three of it's cars, and it's highly flammable. they had to evacuate a one-mile area around -- >> people who went to the scene said they could smell a chemical smell because you have this train, three cars full of ethanol, and they're going up in smoke. they don't know what caused the
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derailment. and fire crews decided to let it just burn out, but obviously this is a serious, serious train accident. they said none of the employees were injured. >> i glad they were ableo burn it look like there were trees in the area it could have maybe spread. >> only two people were injured, they were not on the train, they ran to the train before the explosion, but they were able to drive themselves to area hospitals. i have another update for you on the adorable bear that was rescued in the ukraine. she was taken away from her mother by animal traders. and last week we found out an animal rescue organization had gone in, got her back, and it
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was time to reintroduce her to her mother. >> there was a little bit of concern because they didn't know if her mother would accept her. >> and four paw social security being very careful. she's back at the zoo, and this inclosure she's in, is directly beside her mother. what's to heartbreaking is nastia cries for her mother. she recognizes the smell and the sight of her mother. the mother will come to the area, she will sniff around, and she will charge the fence, but she's not sure if she's trying to attack another bear, or if she recognizes her. >> it's surprising she would forget the sent of her own cub.
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>> there's an x factor of why the mother is not reacting to the cub, the mother, apparently from reports of the zoo, is pregnant again. >> so what happens next? will they attempt to put them together eventually? >> that's the hope. >> no matter what happens, anything has to be better than being with the animal traders. this is a fast italian sports car, and a 38-year-old man was driving one similar to this in hiroshima, japan. he was going very, very fast. here is the video from his car, he took it two years ago. >> not two years ago this minute. >> right this two years ago video two years later. >> the video was just posted.
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he was doing 100 miles per hour and the speed limit was about 37 miles per hour. so someone called the cops, and the cops caught up with him and arrested this guy. >> isn't there a statute of limitations. >> it makes me worry. >> his explanation, i enjoyed the sound of the engine and the speed. >> that sounds like something you would say. this is crazy, wait until you see the weird fish this girl pulled out of the water in myrtle beach, south carolina. you see her there in the orange ho hoodie. she looks like she knows what she's doing -- she's reeling this thing in.
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>> what? that's not a fish. >> that's a shark going off the 5 pound fish on her line. >> that's a water way, that's salt water all around the houses once you head inland. >> they say that's a bull shark that came up and just chomped on that fish that was on her line, but talk about a surprise. [ bleep ]. >> that's a huge bull shark. and how crazy that they were filming. >> imagine the guy helping her with that. >> you can imagine all of the people at the dock on the scene were totally freaking out. >> it's shark! >> wait until you see the look
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of sarah's face. >> her mouth is still wide open. >> mine is too. ♪ this woman just opened an intimate business. >> who wants to [ bleep ] a stranger though. >> maybe their boyfriend won't. >> see what it is about, next. next, how to get rid of a house guest. >> how about 50,000 bees. >> a
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welcome back to the show, but don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. >> the snugery is open for
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business. >> it's paying to snuggle with other people? >> i always like to cuddle, it seemed simple to me. >> $60 for an hour, you can get a snuggle. >> she's 29? she looks 15. >> i thought i needed a certification or license, but i couldn't find anybody else who was doing what i was doing. >> this is not about sex, and i'm really straightforward about that. >> sex is not involved. it's just a snuggle. >> either you want it or you don't. >> she has snuggle hair. >> she has bed hair. >> i'm not as concerned about her, i'm concerned about the people paying $60 to do it. >> she says she has a few customers but she has to keep
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her day job because she doesn't have enough customers to do it full-time. >> some people maybe need a touch of a human, have rough times -- >> maybe their boyfriend won't snuggle so they want professional snuggling. >> if i don't feel like snuggling, can i pay her to be a surrogate snuggler. >> you know guys will sign up and be creepy about it. >> this is not about sex. >> get in bed with a girl, thinking they can seduce her. >> this is not about sex. >> snuggle until something pops up. >> she said no sex. >> hopefully you get an option because i like to be the little
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spoon at times. there's something about it that's nice. unfortunately for us, we sit at our desk looking for cool videos right this minute all day long which means we can't be at the lake skipping stones. but luckily for us, there is no skippy. >> a stone skipping robot with the brain of a mad scientist and the heart of a mountain man. >> he is a stone skipping robot that you can manage director from your computer to skip a rock at this lake in idaho. you push the angle, and you push skip, and the rock skips. >> it's probably just a video to
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promote idaho pch and the incentive is to win a week-long trip to sun valley. but you do maneuver the robot and the direction you want him to skip the rock. >> it's sad to me this has to exist. >> who would sit there and try to do this? well i tried to test it out, so the answer is -- me! i went to the website, but i couldn't do it because there was a really long waiting line. >> there's a lot of people sitting in their office pining for mountain air and lake. >> tomorrow on "right this minute." a family road trip, a trio, on motorcycles. that's form on "right this
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minute." >> this groom is getting help. see how siri saved the wedding day. >> this lady gets out of the car, tries to open the gate, and then gets unexpected surprise.
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it's best of rtm time, that
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means it's time for bonus videos. >> i have a really funny ad for directv. ser everybody is talking about a brand new little baby. and everybody sees a feature from a different family member. and the face changes. >> you remember the guy that dropped the rap at mcdonald's. we got an excollie sieve interview with him. all you have to do is head to our website. nothing is worse than when you have a house guest that overstrays hove
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overstays his or her welcome. how about house guests in the form of 50,000 bees. that's what happened to larry chen in his los angeles home. >> i looked out my wip doe and noticed a lot of bees flying around. he called mike the bee guy. they transformed his apartment, this was a five hour process, you see mike the bee guy here explains where they got in. he uses a bee vacuum, at this point you have to figure the other bees are saying "save the queen." >> what do you do if you find the queen? >> vacuum her up. so he says it gets very hot, and
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he has to get them back outside because the bees could suffocate and die. i have to let them out. >> a lot of people are saying just exterminate them. but they're important to the environment so we have to keep them around. >> not long ago, we had the situation where bees were just died. larry said 95% of the 55,000 bees were saved. their new home will be on a bee farm. >> so they didn't just take them outside and open the box again so they would fly back in. >> if i was going to kill them i would have just sprayed them all. >> props to larry chen for saving the bees. >> this was sent to us by a viewer that worked with our friends at cairo. >> thank you all for coming,
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ryan is giving a toast at the reception after the wedding, he says he has been working on it for months, but he forgot it. okay. no problem, i have my phone. he asks his special guest for help. >> siri download speeches. >> you should say something. i am not capable of human feeling. caring, unselfish, hard working person. >> i think he is inspired by siri. >> i promise to forgive, i promise to always respect you, i
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promise to always be honest. >> ryan, this is turning out to be better than your boring speech about love. what happens when a guy asks strapgers to rub a l-- strangerb a little
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i want to stake you on a magic sensory experience to stone henge. that's the only thing in the town, that's all you see. and this was to celebrate london 2012 and stonehenge. >> so it's like a lot of olympic torches. they have fire, stone -- what are they missing? >> water, air, earth -- >> are you trying to conjure something up there? >> i don't know, maybe i am. >> you have to be careful when you conjure something up, it
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might not behave and follow your directions. are you ready to get your prank on? the guy shooting the video, roman atwood. the good in the video with the disgustingly hairy back. he glued hair on his back and asked strangers to rub sunscreen on his back. >> look at the look on her face -- the uncomfortable silence. >> are you serious? >> you won't do it? is it because of my hairy back? >> no. >> is it my hair? >> yes. >> i'm going to pass --
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>> is it because of my back? >> the lady in the visor is so funny, i want to watch it over and over again. >> you think the hair will be enough? you think so, i don't need this? >> did you put it on your head? >> no. >> that's not even scientific, just an easy way of getting out of it. he also stands in what locoks like the parking lot. look at the lady taking a picture, when he turns around -- >> we've all been there. >> a minor fender bender can cause a will the of boring waiting, so why not get comfortable? >> that's awesome. >> what are they doing? >> yeah, the car in the silver there was involved in a minor
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fender bender, so they got out a cone, got a couple chairs, and they decided to get comfortable. >> why not, sunny day, why not. >> way to turn lemons into lemonade. >> this next one cracks me up. a woman runs ahead to try to get the gate to open. the car runs through, and she's like wait, wait for me! she gets close lined by the gate, and it gets funnier the more you watch it. >> how did that happen? >> she was looking back like oh, another car is coming -- >> what is wrong with the driver that the driver couldn't reach out to get the ticket and made their poor friend do this, and then she is caught on surveillance camera. >> and you know that left a mark
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too. >> that's it for today's "right this minute." we're glad you spent time with us, and we'll see you next time. ♪
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